Assessment Context

Assessment Context

Five multiple choice questions.

1. From 1492 to the 1500s, weapons and disease contributed to which of the following in Latin America?

A. the defeat of the Aztec by the Spanish
B. the protection of resources by Europeans
C. the decline of travel and trade by the Spanish
D. the fair treatment of Native Americans by Europeans

2. Large public buildings, surplus food and beginning of science are examples of

A. cultural diffusion.
B. negative exchanges between cultures.
C. positive exchanges between cultures.
D. criteria for civilization.

3. How did the Aztecs go from becoming the nomadic tribe from the east to the most
powerful empire in Mexico?

A. They formed alliances with the Spanish.
B. The development of Tenochtitlan provided stability for the Aztecs
C. The use of superior weapons.
D. The Aztecs used the god Quetzalcoatl to scare other tribes.

4. The disease that many Aztecs died from that was brought on by the Spanish was …

A. Influenza.
B. Scarlett Fever.
C. Measles.
D. Small Pox.

5. A village in which each member was skilled in a different job would be said to have

A. specialized occupations.
B. a society.
C. a culture.
D. a caste system.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are some characteristics of civilization that were found in the societies of the Mayas and the Aztecs?
2. The Aztecs numbering several hundred thousand how did Cortes and his men succeed in the conquest of the Aztecs?
3. What changes in government, society, and economics resulted from Spanish Colonial System on Latin America?
4. What effect did the Columbian Exchange have on the Native Americans?
5. Which characteristic of civilization do you think is the most important?
Performance Assessment
Students will complete a graphic organizer, poster or chart to illustrate “The Columbian Exchange”. The graphic will include the goods, animals and ideas that cultural diffused between the “The Old World and “The New World”. (below is an example)



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